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Call us today and find out why we are considered the best choice for HVAC services, repair, and replacment in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Whether you need a simple HVAC repair or a full on replacemnet  we do it all! Have an HVAC emergency? Call now at (205) 461-6761. We are open 24/7 and here to help! Check out some of our professional heating and air conditioner services below.

Seasonal Inspections & Tune-Ups

It is of utmost importance that you have your HVAC system actively inspected at a minimum of once a year. Here at American Heating & Air we recommend twice a year — once before summer and once before winter. An unchecked HVAC system could easily lead to an electrical fire. Keep your family safe and have your HVAC inspected today!

HVAC Installation

Here at American Heating & Air we believe in quality. According to Homedepot 70% of homes have improperly installed central heating and air systems. Improperly installed HVAC systems leads to wasted energy and an overrun system. If your electric bill seems higher than usual — it could very easily be an improperly installed HVAC system.

Heating & Air Repairs & Servicing

HVAC systems are large and complex — that’s why we recommend leaving repairs and servicing to the professionals. If you’re noticing inadequate airflow or a hefty electric bill the culprit could very easily be a damaged HVAC system. Give us a call and let’s fix your heating and air!

24hr Emergency HVAC Services

There’s no telling when an HVAC system could fail. If your HVAC system fails in the middle of a hot, humid Alabama summer night — trust us when we say you’ll want to call American Heating & Air immediately! Call now!

Duct Cleaning

It is important to get your HVAC ducts cleaned at a minimum of once a year. Here at American Heating & Air we recommend getting your ducts cleaned out twice a year — once before summer and once before winter or every quarter if you have pets or allergies. Call now and get a duct cleaning today!

Heating & Air Analysis

Not sure if your HVAC is performing at tiptop shape? Call Birmingham’s best HVAC service company today! We’ll run multiple diagnostic tests to ensure that you’re not spending an extra dime on your electric bill! Call American Heating & Air today for an HVAC analysis appointment!

Our Satisfied Customers

Check out why our customers say we’re the best HVAC service company in Birmingham, AL.

“American heating and air is just the best! I called them as soon as my AC broke and they showed up so quickly! If you’ve ever had your AC break in the Bama heat you know how important this repair was. If it breaks again I’ll be calling y’all!!”

“Excellent service. Quick and for a good price.”

“Mike was GREAT! Super friendly and got the job done QUICK! I knew something was wrong with my air condiotioner so I gave American a call. I’m so glad I did because my air was up and running in no time flat! I highly recommend using them for all your hvac needs!”

American Heating & Air

Here at American Heating & Air we pride ourselves as being the best HVAC service company in the whole Birmingham, Alabama area! From HVAC servicing to total replacement we do it all! Call us today at (205) 461-6761 and find out why our customers speak so highly of us. Our friendly and professional service technicians will make every step along the way easy and stress-free! Want to learn more about us? Head over to About Us. Have a question for us? Fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you!